I work with clients across on a range of mental health, relationship and well being issues

I am a qualified BACP registered counsellor with extensive experience of working with adults. I work with clients to support them in being able to find their way in a world that can feel challenging, complex and overwhelming at times.  I work from a humanistic integrative approach and believe that people can benefit from counselling for a number of reasons; to deal with thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be causing distress; for support in times of difficulty, such as bereavement, divorce, illness or unemployment; or to seek greater self-awareness and fulfilment in life

I work with clients across on a range of mental health, relationship and well being issues including:


Depression can involve feeling stuck, low, flat and unmotivated, through to being completely overwhelmed and unable to cope with simple day to day tasks and decisions. Talking through your feelings in a safe and supportive environment helps in understanding and being able to manage those feelings.


Anxiety can be crippling – impacting the choices you make to avoid feeling anxious (not taking that job, going to that party or date) to affecting sleep and your ability to cope with day to day life.  Constant worry about the future, Panic attacks, feeling out of control and fearful.  Therapy helps to identify, understand and ultimately be able manage feelings of anxiety. 


Addictive behaviours and thinking – from alcohol and drugs, to porn and shopping.  If you are worried that you or someone close to you may be in addiction, or you are working towards recovery I have extensive experience of working successfully with clients affected by addiction.


Women face particular challenges in their personal and professional lives.  Relationships and family life place greater demands on women, whilst professional women may face bias and discrimination as well as fighting to get their voices heard and appreciated.  In later life, the impact of the menopause, can be difficult to cope with.  I work with women to help them feel accepted and empowered in their lives and be able to take decisions and choices that enable them to live the lives they want to lead.

Loss and Bereavement

The death of someone close to you can feel unbearable.

The loss of a relationship, divorce, a job, unemployment or a pet impact on how you feel about yourself and your life.

Being able to talk in a supported environment can help you cope with the initial tsunami of feelings that you might be experiencing as well the long term grief and sadness from your loss.

Confidence, Low self esteem

Feelings of not being good enough, Imposter syndrome, the critical inner voice that can sabotage your ability to manage your life effectively.  Working with a counsellor to understand and identify who you really are can be powerful in being able to live your life authentically and with confidence.


The need to connect with other humans is a fundamental human drive and is connected to our ability to survive when very young.  As adults our sources of connection – the quality, or lack of, our relationships – can be a source of distress and unhappiness. Working with a counsellor can help you identify deeply rooted behavioural patterns, enabling you make positive choices as an adult.