Choosing the right therapist for you is really important if you are to have a good experience during your time in therapy. 

The relationship I build with my clients is based on openness, honesty, trust and empathy.  The process of therapy can be challenging at times, and the relationship I have with my clients is one of support and safety, a confidential space to be able to explore thoughts and feelings without judgment or expectations.

I trained as a therapist after a successful career working in professional and financial services, based initially in the City and Canary Wharf.   My work had an international focus and means I have lived and worked across many different countries and cultures in Asia, China, Europe, Africa, Australasia and the Middle East.

I returned to London in 2014 where I wanted to focus on working with people and spent 3 years studying before qualifying as a therapist.   As well as studying my training involved me working on the addictions ward at the The Priory, Roehampton, for the mental health charity Mind, as well as ASCA a specialist agency supporting individuals and families affected by addiction.  I live in Richmond where I run my own private psychotherapy practice, as well as pro-bono work for two local mental heath charities.